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Hey! My name is Tommy Malone and my firm goes by the same name. I’ve fought cancer, experienced the pain of divorce, lost my parents, been sentenced for my role in a multimillion-dollar business that none of us knew was violating any laws, I’ve overcome addiction, and worked through physical therapy. So, yeah… I’ve seen a lot. I like to say I’ve been to “Hell and Back”. That experience and 30+ years as an entrepreneur are used in helping others grow themselves personally, and to fuel and grow their businesses.

I’ve always embraced positive attitudes and actions. I’ve been called to help others. I create content that shows people how to overcome adversity in their lives. My program helps people and their businesses develop fitness in five areas of life & business: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and financial. My firm and my team are here to do just that for people and their businesses.


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