The 5 Dimensions of Fitness

I’d like to take just a moment to introduce you to 5D.Fitness. 5D.Fitness is my brainchild that came to me in concept during my first year in Federal Prison. I got the “calling” to help others overcome adversity. It was a generic calling at first. I had no clue how, what, when, where I was going to be led to do this. So, instead of being able to force the idea, I had faith and let it come gradually.

Now, it has all come full circle and it is very clear. 5D.Fitness is a resource and a network. A network of people that are experts in their chosen field and have the life experience to share from the heart with passion.

There will be a featured video with a different expert on a regular basis. We will cover all 5 Dimensions that I have zeroed in on. There will for sure be subcategories as well. The basic areas or dimensions are as follows:

1-  Physical

2-  Mental

3- Emotional

4-  Spiritual

5-  Financial

I hope that you get as much or even half as much out of this as I do.

Make it a Great Day!