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Business Development

In Health, Fitness, Manufacturing, Wholesale, Retail, Professional, & any other area

  • Marketing: Whether you’re looking to create impressive campaigns in print, web, or social media, we can help you. My team excels in multimedia of all types.
  • Management: Growing a sustainable business requires the right employees, quality project management, customer acquisition and retention. We have a track record of ensuring perfect planning and execution in these areas.

Speaking / Motivation

Motivational , Motivational, and Training

  • Motivational: When we perform at our best in all aspects of our lives, we not only feel our best, but we do our best work. Our speeches build confidence in you and your team
  • Inspirational: Being who we were meant to be, despite the obstacles, is something to admire. We paint a picture of possibility and explain how to overcome all odds.  Which empowers you and your team.
  • Hope: It’s when we are facing the worst moments in life, that we most need that uplifting voice. From behind bars to the man I am now, I’ve come a long way. Allow me to share my story with your audience. Or have Karen come and share her battles she’s faced and overcome. 


Here to Prepare You and Help You Decide

  • Business: Create growth strategies and identify areas for improvement.
  • Organizational: Fundraising and mission execution.
  • Institutional: Improve efficiency and manage resources.
  • Physical Fitness Consulting and Personal Training Services.  Providing Professional Individualized Programs at your business or any Health Club.
  • Prison: Advice and preparation for incarceration for families and defense attorneys

My Calander

Upcoming Engagements

5D.Fitness Launch

A platform for content inspiring people to live their best lives. Focused on helping people improve in five areas of their lives, 5D.Fitness will bring experts in physical, emotional, spiritual, mental, and financial fitness together in one place. 

New Book Release

My first book, “To Hell and Back” becomes available on Amazon and other retailers. Hear me tell the raw story of how I overcame the adversities in my own life and was inspired to dedicate my life to helping others overcome their adversities.